"We travel all around the world and build million dollar conservatories.   We have taken whole teams of individuals around the country to attend Mastermind Seminars, MINI Events and Coffee Connections.  Every event is different . . . and always powerful and life changing."  
Alan & Nancy ~ Worldwide
"Mastermind Seminars, MINI events and Coffee Connections are the most amazing ways to meet the most interesting people and develop the most profitable partnerships."  
Ly Smith ~ Reno 
"I am working to start my own company to pursue my life vision.  HOSTING the Chicago event was one of the greatest learning experiences in my life."  
Matt Maple ~ Chicago
"I traveled all the way to Kosovo and then Greece to speak at a Mastermind Seminar event.  It was worth the time and financial investment without question."  
Melissa Miller ~ Kosovo (Europe)
"As a young female business owner . . . it's been amazing to me how I have benefited from the entire worldwide network.  I have HOSTED a number of events in Indiana and it's been amazing for me personally as well as my business!"  
Teresa Lekan~ Indiana
"I have participated in many mastermind groups over the years . . . BUT never anything like this!  The structure, the systems, the tools, the networks and the flexibility when you HOST an event to make it your own . . . is AMAZING!"
Ski Swiatkowski~ Philadelphia
Mastermind Seminars
After Each Event . . .
We Ask Those Who Participate, To Share Their One Word They Think Of From The Event & What That One Word Means To Them . . .
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