12 Business & Life Changing Topics
12 Topics which will change the way you think about your business, career, and life. Designed to help you connect with 12 other professionals in your marketplace to accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own.  
You have NEVER experienced anything like this in your life!

Have you ever been to an event, became excited . . . and then not followed through?

This event has a built-in follow-up to ensure that with all the amazing things you'll learn and experience that YOU WILL follow through on every great idea you have!  
Ly Smith, Reno Founder
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Are you interested in having more time and less stress?  Through the Secret About Time we will help you to learn to think differently about time.  

What were you put on this planet for?  Imagine . . . being crystal clear in writing what your Life Vision is and how your Life Vision connects directly into every passion you have been blessed with.
Do you believe that if we learn to think differently that we can solve every challenge or problem we have?  When we learn to Think Differently quickly . . . our lives will change quickly as well.

Every one of the 12 Topics within Mastermind Seminars is a game changer! 

Being the past President of the largest real estate company in the world, I thought I experienced everything . . . until I experienced Mastermind Seminars.  There is nothing like it on the planet!                              
Tom Kunz

Every topic stands on its own AND connects together.  AMAZING! 

Being on the board of BMW and the President of Rolls-Royce, I have experienced some of the most amazing events and this event combined with LEVERAGE will change people's lives.                      
Peter Miles
Topic #1 ~ SYSTEMS
The Value of 
Installing Systems 
Think of your biggest challenge in any area of your life . . . "If you had stronger personal, professional, and business systems would you solve your challenge or problem?
Topic #2 ~ LEADS
Generate MORE & 
IMAGINE . . . Having systems which generate MORE & BETTER Leads on a consistent basis for you and all your referral partners.

Topic #3 ~ CLIENTS
Convert MORE 
Prospects to Clients
If you convert just 1 more lead out of 10, what would that do to your income?  Often it would double your income and you would work less.

Topic #4 ~ FASTER
Convert Prospects
If you could close sales in half the time you do today . . . what would that do for your quality of life?  How much more income would you earn?  
Topic #5 ~ REFERRALS
Generate a LARGE QUANTITY of Referrals
IMAGINE . . . Having systems, or really a machine where you were receiving referrals from so many sources you almost couldn't keep up.  
Create Client For LIFE Relationships 
What is a life long relationship worth to you?  What if your relationships were so strong that your clients referred everyone they know to you?
Leadership ~
Create Massive PROFITS
If you had more powerful systems and tools to assist you in your leadership, would that increase your profits and reduce the hours you work?
IMAGINE . . . Having systems where you had individuals, companies, and organizations all approaching you as a result of your amazing systems. 
Developing PROFITABLE Mastermind Groups
What if you had whole groups of people all being drawn to you as a result of your systems and the value you can bring large numbers of people?
Topic #10 ~ CLIENTS
What if . . . you had the previous 9 lessons mastered so much where the best clients....from the best sources were all drawn to you?  What would that feel like?  
Topic #11 ~ SYSTEMS
Fine Tuning Our 
IMAGINE . . . having systems which continue to get better and better almost on their own.  The 12 topics all brought together are magical.  
Topic #12 ~ VISION
Achieve Our
Life Vision
What is your life vision?  Are you living that life vision each and every day?  Can we better achieve our life vision while working with others to do the same?