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Reno ~ Mastermind Seminars
Written by Emily Dunn
event draws people from around the country
Have you ever wondered what you could do to be more innovative, think outside the box, and take yourself personally along with your business to the next level? 

Ly Smith leads the nation / world! 

Ly Smith, founder of Coffee Connections ~ Reno is showing others around the nation / the world how it's done.  Ly's success is going nationwide / worldwide as other Coffee Connections emulate her leadership talent in the most amazing way.  

Ly is a best selling author and speaking around the country in many industries to help owners / leaders in how to engineer / build BOS ~ Business Operating Systems to unleash our passions to discover and live our Life Vision each and every day.  

Ed Noel the connector

Ed Noel seems to have the unique ability to bring people who are outliers together in a magical way.  Ed is a guest on a radio show, a mortgage professional, and has a passion to work with people who "get it."  Ed's ability to see the genius in people and then connect those individuals together in a crazy exciting way is what attracts people to Ed and the Coffee Connection / Mastermind Seminar worldwide network.  

Jenn Taylor has the most interesting talents 

Others have shared with Jenn that she has this amazing gift to SEE things that others do not seem to SEE.  She can then clearly and succinctly share that via video to help others to see  things about themselves and others quickly.   Check out these three short videos that Jenn put together and you'll see what we mean.  
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About Mastermind Seminars
12 Business / Life changing topics which help businesses and community-based organizations to partner together for the benefit of all.

Tom Kunz

Tom is the past President of the largest real estate franchise in the world and helped raise over 100 million dollars for Easterseals.

Mark Boersma

Mark is an international speaker and author, business owner, social entrepreneur, and co-authored book Community / Business Partnerships with Tom.