San Antonio, Texas - May 2020 // Bay Area CA - May 2020

Psychology Of PEOPLE

Imagine . . . havings systems in please which would help you . . . AND . . . everyone around you achieve your / their full potential.
Mastermind Seminars
What do you get when you combine the Psychology Of PEOPLE with the 12 Topics for Mastermind Seminars?
You get a life changing . . . business changing event!  Something you have never experienced.  
NEXT Mini ~ Virtual Events
Chicago ~ Mini Event
Jill Calderon is HOSTING the next Chicago Area event with a strong emphasis on "It's Time For Me To Take My Life Goals Serious!"  

Any MINI Event & Monthly Virtual Event
MINI Events held throughout the month & Virtual Event held every
3rd Thursday Each Month.   
Indiana ~ Mini Event
Teresa Lekan is the founder of a number of Indiana Coffee Connections and has a passion for helping people discover & live their Life Vision each and every day.
All MINI events and the Monthly Virtual event are $20 for the registration fee.  If you're blown away then you give another $20. :-)  MINI events can be as small at 2 people (those are the best :-)) or could be hundreds of people.  It's up to the HOST and up to you.
Event Topic
"Value Of Installing Systems" 
& "Taking My Goals Serious"
Event Topic
"Creating Profitable Partnerships" 
Event Topic
"Achieving Your Life Vision" 

Past Event Library ~ By Subscription, For Members Only
Past Event Library ~ For Members Only
Your Mastermind Seminars development team is diligently working to actually bring the last five years to the Members Only Area.  If you would like to be involved in doing this and gain the benefit of being a CORE contributor for this area please let your ARRT Mentor know and they will introduce you to the right people.   We hope you are as excited to introduce others to this as we are.
Year #1
Past events being worked on . . . 
email Elise Sims at 
Year #2
Past events being worked on . . . 
Year #3
Past events being worked on . . . 
Register Your Interest . . . 
If you are interested in being one of the first people in the world to gain access to this entire library, talk with your 30 minute Strategy Sessions and/or your ARRT Mentor about your interest and they will register you to be one of the first to participate.