Mastermind Seminars
Taking Action Is Key To Success!
Follow through is what challenges most individuals! We have actually made it far easier to take action to follow through on what you learn.
Experience . . . Something You Have Never Experienced Before In Your Life!

"Trust Me . . . You Have NEVER Experienced Anything Like This In Your Life!" 

"As President of the largest real estate franchise in the world, with over 140,000 agents in 70 different countries, I thought I saw every possible seminar/event.  I have never experienced anything like Mastermind Seminars.  The prep for the event and the follow-up after the event are even more powerful than the event itself."
Tom Kunz
About Members Only
Have you ever attended an event, become motivated and inspired . . . but then didn't follow through?  We all have been there.  The secret to the success of Mastermind Seminars is that there is an extensive preparation before the event AND rock solid follow through after the event.
Our Thoughts...
We are a non-profit organization devoted to helping businesses partner with community-based organizations.  We have a passion for follow-up and different levels.  The various levels are designed to meet the needs of specific individuals.  
A Solution For Everyone
There is a level for everyone to sign up for that best fits your needs, goals, and budget.  There is even a  FREE level and it will only take you 30 minutes a week, out of the 10,080 minutes we all have in a week.  
Step 1 ~ Watch short video
What is a BOS ~ Business Operating System?  Our BOS is the engine which runs our business.  We earn the money we earn, work the hours we work, have the stress we do or do not have due to the engine in our business.
Step 2 ~ Strategy Session
Complete a 3 minute or, better yet the more complete online survey and someone from the Legacy Partner network who is certified in doing a 30 minute Strategy Session (30 MSS) will complete that as a GIFT to you.
Step 3 ~ Best Solution
What is the best solution for you?  Your certified 30 MSS mentor will assist you to determine the best solution for you from the many various solutions.  We're not looking to help you find a good solution . . . we have a passion to help you find a GREAT Solution.  
Possible Solutions Through Mastermind Seminars
Have you ever . . . attended a seminar, workshop or event, become inspired, motivated
. . . 
and then DID NOT follow through?  

YOU WILL FOLLOW THROUGH with our built in follow up systems designed to LEVERAGE mastermind groups, mentors and buddy systems to insure ROCK SOLID FOLLOW THROUGH!
If you haven't already signed up for the event, do so right now!  The more time and resources you invest prior to and after the event, the more you'll get out of the event.  Once you sign up for the event, you'll receive the most amazing workbook which will prepare you for the event.  The more prepared you come to the event . . . the more you'll get out of the event.  The following three options, are just a few of the possible solutions which are available to insure that you follow through with all that you learn at the event.  

Choose the best solution which you are able to invest into.  PLEASE DO NOT INVEST more money than you are able to!  We know this may be weird to say . . . but we do not want members within our community over extending themselves.  Yes . . . the more you invest the more you'll get back and the faster you'll get a return on your investment . . . but if you invest more than you are able to invest, that won't be good for you or anyone in the community.  Make Sense?  We offer three types of solutions; a basic, intermediate, and advanced.  Sign up for the event and then if you would like additional preparation for the event AND/OR follow up after the event, sing up for the Intermediate or the Advanced options. 
Group Mastermind Lessons & Weekly Follow Up To Event
FREE Weekly Conference Call AND Free Weekly Coffee Connection.

For everyone who registered for the event, these two amazing follow up resources are included at no charge to you.  :-)   We're serious about follow through.
Imagine . . . 12 lessons designed  to help you discover your life vision and your specific goals in attending this life changing event and going through these 12 lessons with a group of equally committed individuals.  
This option provides 24 lessons which prepares us in a very specific way for the event AND amazing systems, tools, and mastermind groups to assist us to build our very own BOS ~ Business Operating System, the engine to live our life vision each and every day.  
Step 4 ~ Commit
How many times have you been excited / motivated and then didn't follow through?  If we don't have the proper Examination and then the best Solution recommended to us . . . well . . . we probably won't follow through.
Step 5 ~ DO
DO something . . . take some type of action.  It doesn't have to be perfect action.  Remember . . . it's easier to change the direction of a moving car than one that's standing still.  
Step 6 ~ THINK
Albert Einstein said "You can never solve the problem on which it was created."   

When we learn to "Think Differently" we solve our challenges / problems and help others around us to do the same.