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The mini events are priceless and you will gain more value than many events that charge thousands of dollars.  In many ways, it's a gift from the HOST to you as it's only $20 to register and then if you are delighted with your experience then it's another $20.  :-) Fair enough? 
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$15 / 1 month

ONE TIME OFFER: ONLY $15 for a full 30 Day Subscription to 5 year library of past Mastermind Seminar events. All 12 Topics, covered 5 times each, from different speakers, different back grounds, different experiences. The wisdom, insights, stories of success and various perspectives will blow your mind.

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This Months Topic:
Profitable Partnerships
Learning how to work together to create a system to attract the most profitable partnerships.
Mini Mastermind Seminars
Mini events are held all over the world and the HOST of your Mini event can choose between any of the amazing 12 Topics available through Mastermind Seminars.  Talk to your HOST about what topic will be covered.
What's Included:
  •  Workshop: Intensive workshop covering the 3 DNA's for building a BOS ~ Business Operating System.
  •  1 of 12 Topics Covered:  Powerful life / business changing topic covered which connects back into helping to develop our engines / our BOS.  ~ Click for 12 Topics ~
  • Workbook: Comprehensive workbook you receive upon registration which will prepare you for the event.
  • Hands on: Step-by-step processes to help you implement and start using the the 4 Personality / Frequency Types, the 5 Areas within The 5/30 Grid, and the 3 Energies.
  •  Discovery Learning: Learning how to Think Differently quickly to change any area of one's life.
  • Coffee Connection: Connect with other like minded professionals who seek to bring all our systems together to create far greater success.
  • Accountability: Weekly international mastermind calls to insure we follow through.
A Sample Of Speakers

Tom Kunz

Tom is the past President of the largest real estate franchise in the world and also helped raise over 100 million dollars for Easter Seals.  Tom will show us how to create business / community partnerships.

Jenn Taylor

Jenn's energy, insights and genuine approach to helping individuals clearly see how they can build a a BOS ~ Business Operating System to be whatever they want in life.  

Peter Miles

As a past board member of BMW and President of Rolls-Royce, along with one of the most diverse careers you'll ever experience, Peter will share so amazing things about systems.

Many Other Speakers

From the Discovery Learning, to Coffee Connections, to the many speakers speakers from around the country we will learn how to build systems which will help us to earn more, work less, and improve the quality of our life.
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