A very differenty type of speaker / approach . . . 

As a past board member of BMW, I've experienced a lot of amazing speakers, but I have never experienced anything like Mastermind Seminars and Action Workshops.  It's a totally difference approach to what those who attend speaking events or workshops should come away with. 
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Mastermind Seminars Allows You & Your Company To SUCCEED Through 
Thinking Differently
Almost everyone who has attended Mastermind Seminars has shared: "This event is unlike any other event I have attended.  The systems are in place to help people succeed! Using these systems to solve our challenges or problems is . . . really magical."  
LIVE Events Worldwide
Meet together with small or large groups of like minded people who all seek to learn to Think Differently.
Virtual Events Monthly
12 Topics - 1 new topic each and every month to help us to learn the science behind building a successful BOS ~ Business Operating System.
Weekly Coffee Connections
Weekly small groups of people all coming together for the mutual benefit of everyone.
Learn On Your Own
Learn virtually how to build your own BOS ~ Business Operating System, the engine to achieving your dreams.
Learn Within A Group
Learn even faster by connecting with others to LEVERAGE our mutual thoughts, networks and skills.
One On One Mentoring
Learning & Doing through one on one mentoring and having a custom BOS designed just for you.