Speaker Bureau ~ Are you looking for an amazing speaker?
Feeling motivated is the easy part.

How do I get people to take action on what they hear?

What is the upside of not being motivated and inspired?  It's learning how to build self discipline muscles.  

In traveling the world, I have never experienced anything like Mastermind Seminars and Action Workshops in helping people to develop self discipline which is far more important than being motivated and inspired.  The certified speakers are inspirational, without questions but what creates success is the system for follow up which I have never experienced before in my life.  
Peter Miles, Past Board Member of BMW
Taking action is key!

Mastermind Seminars & Action Workshops are . . . 

The systems for follow from Mastermind Seminars & Action Workshops is what makes it different than anything I have ever experienced.

Most speakers come in and do a great job at motivating and inspiring people . . . but there is no follow through.  As leaders I believe we need a paradigm shift where if we want team members to follow through then we need to bring in speakers who have a rock solid system for follow through.  Mastermind Seminars & Action Workshops has those systems in place.
Tom Kunz, Past President of the largest real estate franchise the world
Each of the following speakers is actively involved with Legacy Partners / Action Workshops and have a powerful follow up system for any topic they speak on.  Yes . . . they will motivate and inspire, but far more than that they will help those who attend to INTERNALIZE what is being shared through the Engineered CLARITY model to insure rock solid follow up . . . taking action on what is shared.

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Business Owners

Alan Stein

Alan is the founder of Tanglewood Conservatories and helps to bring art to the business world and the business world to the arts.  As an international speaker and author, you be inspired to action through those topics Alan shares.  
A Vast Library Of Topics

Emily Dunn

Emily Dunn leads up the Speaker Bureau and the overall library of topics which are amazing network of professionals can speak on.  Emily encourages groups to read a white paper on the topic being presented.
It Time To Pursue My Goals!

Jill Calderon 

What are your passions?  Have you lost sight of your goals, lacking passion, energy and drive?  Jill brings so many amazing life stories, experience and will connect with you audience in a way to help inspire individuals to take action.

Lou Costible

When we think about what we are passionate about . . . most of us do not think of passions the way Lou thinks of passions.  Lou has millions of viewers on his YouTube channel and over 40,000 subscribers.  
CPAs / Accounting Firms

Jorge Herrera

How do you partner with CPA's and/or if you are a CPA how to you partner with other business owners?  Jorge has an inspiring story and one that inspires CPAs and business owners to partner in the most effective manner.
Mortgage Professionals

Ski Swiatkowski

You are looking for someone create an awakening for those in your mortgage team?  Maybe it's to build better referral partners, or work together as a team better or to think differently in any area of the business to service your clients in a more effective manner?  
Health & Wellness

Jessica Ernst

Are you a seeking something very different in your approach to health & wellness?  

We are a very unique group of individuals and would value your energy and passion.  We have many ways to connect and help one another is some very exciting ways. 
Real Estate Investing

Mark Reynolds

For decades Mark Reynolds has been helping individuals to understand something which has never been taught in any real estate class, anywhere in the world.  Real estate psychology.  it will change the way you think about real estate.

Mike Ratchford

Do you feel stuck when it comes to marketing your business successfully? Do you feel as if you have tried EVERYTHING and it still isn't working? Mike's views and thoughts on marketing successfully will blow your mind!